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I was wondering, which things among all the musical instruments are the craziest? Drums? Unusual pedals? And then I thought: ”Are there any metalheads with pink guitars?”. And there are lots of them, and that really rocks. So, if pink guitars are OK, which products have gone wrong?

Dean Razorback

How to hurt yourself

An amazing design, which truly inspired me to play some Black Sabbath just when I saw it. This 4-lightning strike-shaped Dean Electric guitar is so cool, that I’ve even added it to cart just once I saw it. As I’ve used to play on the Deans’ guitars, I knew – wood would be just as good as the sound.
But, once I got it, I felt a little bit stupid.

Do you know that feeling, that you wanna rock the hell out of your apartment? Yeah, the trembling inside was enormous. “What should I play?” – “Breaking the Law”. Yeah! Just after the first chord I’ve tried to play solo, I’ve stabbed myself (playing guitar vertically is, sometimes, a very bad idea).

Was the stab big? No, certainly not, just s scratch. But since then I have a scar.

Amazing guitar, just as the design. Not only souls. But bodies are hurt by this Cemetery Gate.


Guys, when I want to see a wooden guitar, I’m looking for natural material with just a little piece of plastic. This one is an Ash and Maple guitar. And I hate it. The very first thing I thought when I saw it was: “WTF?!”. This is an electric guitar? It looks like it is still in development and people from SX NA are still looking for the best color for this guitar. I do wonder if there are lots of thorns on it.

A wooden guitar? Yes.

A good value? Yes.

Good design? Certainly not.


Luna Faerie

Looking for an acoustic guitar for your daughter? Isn’t it a good value for money? Yes, certainly! But not up to $120. Yes, the print is amazin’. No, really! Once I saw it alive. Sound good, but $120?

And yes, if you are looking for an acoustic guitar, it’s still better to look for another one.


While browsing for new gear, I’ve found a new look.


Wanna SLASH the crowd (I’ve been thinking about this joke for about 7 years and YES!)?.

This wig is amazing. Why should you grow your hair? Why should you SLASH your hair?


Stay tuned as there are lots of crazy products on the market and I wanna review them!

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